Circus and permanent show of the Zoo of Amnéville


Tiger World, it is at first the meeting of 4 people : Michel Louis, director of the zoo, Rémy Flachaire, trainer, Francis Hugon, designer and builder of very big sets, and Frédéric Ravatin, scenographer, specialized in the direction of the natural elements.

Everything leaves the conception in common of a scenario, in which the man, who formerly " tamed tigers " and imposed his law in the wild nature, would have a dialogue with tigers, and non-only tigers, but with very forces of Nature.

5 boards were imagined, framework of the training acts :

  • sunrise on a temple of Angkor,
  • volcanic eruption and deluge of fire,
  • the forest of emerald,
  • night and deluge of water,
  • snow and freeze.


Tiger World, it is a building of 2 500m2, being able to welcome 2 000 spectators, a set of 60m of length for 10m of height, special effects...


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