CREATIME works in Vietnam since 2004, within the framework of tourist and cultural projects of durable development.

Sought at first by the Region Rhone-Alps and by the PNR of Pilat to realize the ecomuseum of the bamboo ( Phu-An Bamboo Village) under the responsibility of the professor DIEP My Hanh of the university of Ho-Chi-Minh (museum situated in the North of Saïgon and inaugurated in 2008), Creatime continues to intervene voluntarily for the economic and cultural development of several provinces of the South Vietnam.


In 2012, Mrs Diep saw handing Equator Prize, price awarded by the UNO to reward the local solutions of durable development.

Since, Creatime worked on several projects of development :

- Gao Giong : project of creation of an ecological park,
- Autonomous floating farms on the Mekong,
- National university : realization of a landscaped plan,
- Tempetarium of bamboo : theater with transformation in bamboo.