Scenography is the opposite of architecture



It is easy to demonstrate that the architecture and the scenography are two domains completely  opposite (even if, you noticed it, according to the definition " the scenography, it is all that we decide it to be ", we can let in the architectures in the scenography. But this is a game of spirit. Let us leave it aside).


Indeed, a scenography is a very good scenography if you do not know any more where you are. Architecture will be of so much better, or let us say brave, than you will know exactly, or all the more, where you are. To conceptualize this proposal, we can say that the architecture localizes, and that the scenography relocates. So we can establish a relative definition of the scenography. Because the architecture, everybody knows what that is, and the scenography, no one. By positioning the undefinable scenography with regard to the hyper-defined architecture, I establish a definition. So, in a place, directly, in an expression, the architecture is what localizes, and the scenography what relocates.
Is it not attractive ?

 You understand easily that, targeting objectives so opposed, these two domains develop individuals in the powerful antagonisms.