Scientific committee my love



The scientific committee is in the museography that the rolling pin belongs to the above-named : it delates all which exceeds, and, innocently, it lets in everybody to the mold (that I do not dare to qualify).


This use drags rather that it thrones in museography. Generally, it is managed by a finger on the whole enough neglecting by the institution which insures so comfortably its self-satisfaction by placing it between her and the muséographe.

Does this mean that the muséographer is unfortunate ? Not in the least. He is going to affect bravely a not paid mission, that he gave to himself, helping experience, and which consists in proving to the scientific committee that he works. Because do you know very high quality of a scientist (whatever it is) ? He respects the work. Thus, following some meetings and reports (it is enough annoying because these scientists there, just like the institution, do not make reports), he is going to know a peace under a shape of kind respect.


On the other hand, what he is going to wonder all his life - because, every evening, he is going to visit in dream his museum and thus, it is the life which grinds on this dream, this projection about which he will dream about the slightest details, up to the door handle-.


It is on this feeling to be missed the point.