An Arium® is the return of the places where we cannot go, either because they are too fragile, or because they disappeared, or because they are too far, or because they do not exist yet , or still, because they are forbidden.

 This kind of return is not a facsimile : it is a summary of the truth, thought in a scientific way, and dedicated to the public.


It associates the techniques of the cinema, all the techniques of the scenography, the natural elements, and the innovation.


Where from comes the word " Arium "?

It comes from aquarium : the aquarium is a very beautiful thing in scenography. But there is something strange : there is a window between you and this wonderful, alive universe, populated with fishes. You can never penetrate into it, or even touch it : the window is there, and very there. What a frustration, even if it is - strangely - marked with delight !

In an Arium®, you are the fish !


It is also a tribute in the planetarium which is a total scenographic object : the only one who shows the infinity in a limited volume. Which beauty, right ?



The project of return on a surface of 3 000 m2 of the cave Chauvet, which adds up 8 500, was conceived from 2003 till 2004.

For two years, I produced for the Department of Ardèche (which had created for it a special department of Project ownership, and had recruited the team which I was a member : CREATIME-DECALOG - INGÉROP - for a mission of Assistance to Management of Project) a technical note every two weeks, and sometimes even of week on the other one. So built itself step by step the model of the return of the cave Chauvet, the great synthesis between a site, needs inherent to the management of one very numerous public, and the ways optimized by contact between the public and the fantastic universe of this cave which mixes prehistory, paleontology and geology, and in which each of these domains is expressed in a most vertiginous way.




" One day the wise person dreamed that he was a butterfly. In his awakening, he wondered if he was a man who had dreamed that he was a butterfly, or a butterfly who dreams that

he is a man ..."

This short history is an extract of the book of the Chinese wisdom, and is at awarded to Tchouang Tseu, Taoist master, who lived in the IVth century before JC. It interested a lot my father, who was a mathematician. " Are you a butterfly who dreams that he is a man? ", he asked me. "No", I answered a little intimidated by this question. " Well, try to prove it ". And you, what do you think of it ? You will see, it is not easy to prove that we are not a butterfly.

Whatever you answered, you will notice that the Chinese wisdom did not choose any symbol to express the mystery of the life and the depth of the dream : it chose the butterfly.