The museum is not scientific



The museum is not scientific : the museum is literary. I discovered it little by little, because I am specialized in the museums of scientific and technical culture where the scientific character of the contents has a natural trend  to be imperative. Yet, it seemed to me that the generosity of the museum, its deep identity, were of the literary exercise, just like, at the bottom, a good scientific popularization recover of the clear, powerful statement, and metaphoric, literary thus, the contents, and especially the thought.

Because the synthetic thought is not the privilege of the scientist. And moreover, put in by Natural history museum, who are historically connected and statutorily with the world of the research, which make the scientists - or presumed such - in museums ? It seems to me that a real scientist is in his lab. That he has to make in the corridors of a museum and in this meeting rooms, in less, of course, that he found refuge there.

Because this word, rather than this world of scientist, introduced a way terrifying in the museum, which all the representatives use and deceive. Everything is scientific, and if it is scientific, that's it. The answer is in the question, as usual. And on this word, we climb, of this word, we gargle, with the blessing of his courtiers, the people of scientific label, invited to the little demanding table of the museum.

And it is exactly because museums are not literary that their contents are perfectly forgettable. Moreover, why it would be necessary to read them ? It is not literature, but information.