The PSC has not just hooligans



These last years saw arriving - besides the procedure of negotiated market, goes out of  torture room and slavery, the legality of which compared to human rights seems to me perfectly doubtful - a terrifying invention : the PSC, or Scientific and cultural Program, in which we have effort to put capital letters.

In what is the Scientific and cultural Program, on the principle, on the content and finally on the shape, scientific and cultural ? Not at all, I assure you : not at all. It is not a thought, it is an exercise, the author of which never stops proving that he is " at the height " of the order which was made for him. Painful exercise, at the same time personal and normative, which is going to play two registers : the entrusted to him obviously exceptional heritage - and which is doubtless the sign of the exceptional character of the personality which expresses itself -, and the museographic standard (in which everything parades - Oh nightmare - : the notion of object, that of the showcase, that, still museographic space, and I do not speak pouncing patterns of the cultural mediation, which make the fat of a profession which not is not one : the museologists, neither a possible directory of collection, fortunately placed in appendix, but duly imposed.

One of he worst PSC who was given to me to consult, is the one of the Restoration of the Cave Chauvet. I did not fortunately have to take into account it. This time the Contracting authority was on the side of the public.