The scenography is cooked



"The scenography, it is all that we decide it to be". I remember of the day when I proposed this idea to Catherine. It was on a Saturday morning, very late - we were in the habit of working in the morning and thus to have lunch late - and I believe to remember that she prepared a calf's liver. The kitchen is small and the exercise is necessarily very present, particularly orchestrated. Worried of setting me quickly a contradiction, with a suspicion of mockery by choosing what is going to follow, she told me : " and thus, if I decide that the fact of cooking this calf's liver is the scenography, it is the scenography ! ". Absolutely ! I answered, proud of me, and with this learned attitude which has the gift to irritate Catherine.


Hey yes, I think that the putting in space is not the only domain of the scenography. Is the putting in space moreover one of the domains of the scenography ? I do not believe that we can say it either. It is necessary to be wary of these conditions which, because they are not necessary, can seem sufficient. Our journalists and politics are usual of this abuse. In this case, the condition seems to me neither necessary, or sufficient.

And, one thing leading to another, we forgot the liver, and our controversy made us exceed its limit of cooking.


An inconvenient consequence of this definition is thus that the scenography can be an unstable domain.