"The scenography, it is all that we decide it to be"



It can be a thing, a movement or an action, a situation, a landscape : all which at the given moment, is considered by the spirit, as a scenography.


This definition can seem conceited. It is double : at first, because it is mathematical. The mathematics are the only ones capable of considering - with which virtuosity - these questions of auto-referencing. But we do not call upon the mathematics innocently, each knows it.


And it is her because it places the scenographer, but not only him : whoever - everybody would be a scenographer ? - in possible position of demiurge : I can be the scenographer of something whose author I am not (all the more if I am the author, and moreover, of whom am I the author ?). Extraordinary mystery indeed of the human mind, which, because it names things, can consider that it gives birth to them. The literature, the cinema, the arts, and even the history, abound of these demonic claims.

But attention, there is a counterparty : the demiurges or the apprentices always finish lonely, alcoholic, and in a street of London.